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  1. Visit the website and get oriented with various Sections.

  2. First pay for the exam before registration. NRs 250 per exam per person, NRs 500 for 2 exams per person, NRs 1000 per five exam per person (Same Transaction ID/Token number works for 5 exams).

  3. 5 time payment is valid for 5 successive exams. You can choose to use 5 Token to appear for any 5 exams within 6 weeks to the maximum.

  4. Payment can be done by eSewa through Merchant Payment and Esewa website, Khalti. Nepal Bank Limited, 3rd Edition of Complete Review of MD/MS Entrance Exams by Dr Sujit K Jha, Dr Sasmita Tuladhar & Dr Rabin Ghimire. Coupon/Token can also be purchased from Paradise institute, Kupondole. Visit Payment section of website for details.

  5. Now go to Register section in the website, register your name, mobile, email address and Transaction ID of payment or Token number. 

  6. Always remember (write on Paper) the Roll number you choose during registration. This is the key to Start exam and See results.

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  8. On exam day, go to Go to start exam section. You can enter your name and registered email and start exam.

  9. Email us through our website if any confusion.

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