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Interview of Dr Saroj Khanal with Online PG Nepal

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Dr Saroj Khanal

INICET MD/MS Entrance-2021 Jan session

Rank 1: Foreign

(All India Rank 29)

MBBS: MCOMS, Pokhara

OPN: Congratulations Dr. Saroj.

Dr. Saroj: Thank you..!!


OPN: How does it feel to be a topper of such tough and competitive exams ? How much hopeful were you for such Rank?

Dr Saroj: I feel great and relieved at the moment. "This is like a dream come true for me".

I used to get good rank when I attended mock tests of Online PG Nepal, but my sole focus was for the Common Entrance Examination (CEE). As CEE was cancelled, I had to prepare for INICET. INICET examination pattern is quite different from CEE examination pattern. To familiarize with INICET pattern, I had given some mock test on Indian online examination platform, where I was able to score good rank and therefore I had some hope about achieving the rank.


OPN: Who would you like to share your credit of success with?

Dr Saroj: Firstly, I would like to thank myself for never giving up besides the ups and downs I went through during my preparation days. I would like to thank my family for motivating me whenever I felt down. I would also like to thank my friends. We nine friends have made closed discussion group in Viber and telegram where we used to discuss, that discussion group really helped me getting the rank. Thank you friends. Thank you to all the teacher from school to medical college who made me understand everything better. I would also like to thank you Online PG Nepal for coming up with mock tests every week which made my PG preparation easier.

OPN: Please share your brief story after internship till the PG success day.

Dr Saroj: During internship I was mainly focused on practical aspect of treating patient which are absolutely necessary. As I was a student from ministry during my MBBS and therefore, I had to undergo 2 years of bond and work for the government. I started preparing for my PG since then. But, during that period, time wasn’t sufficient as I had to take care of both of my work and study together. I solely started preparing  for PG after the completion of the bond on 5th Asoj 2076.


OPN: How tough are entrance exams these days?

Dr Saroj: In my opinion, entrance exams are getting tough these days because of the increasing number of PG aspirants every year in comparison to available PG seats.


OPN: How is INICET entrance examination unique and how was the entrance pattern?

Dr Saroj: Multiple choice questions can be quite confusing no matter how much familiar we are with topic of the question. In INICET, most of the questions are multiple answer choice question, match the following, image based questions, clinical based questions which is quite different from examination pattern we usually face in MD/MS examination in Nepal where one liner questions are asked usually.


OPN: What are the books and other resources you used for entrance preparation?

Dr Saroj: During early days of my preparation, I had used Kaplan 2014 videos, First Aid Step 1 & Step 2CK book. I used to give Online PG Nepal mock tests.  I had joined discussion groups of various faculty from India in telegram application where I used to practice questions. For the purpose of INICET examination, to be familiarized with image based question, I studied Photon 20 by Dr. Vivek Jain PDF and also for Rapid revision I went through Prepladder Rapid Revision RR 2.0 pdf.


OPN: What advice would you like to give to future PG aspirants?

Dr Saroj: I would like to say you all not to give up on your dream. You will be the one you have dreamed of. You were born to shine and you sure will, just have patience, work hard and wise at the same time. If you want it, you definitely will get it with your effort.


OPN: 1 month before exam, what shall students focus on?

Dr Saroj: We usually know the answer of difficult question but we usually make mistake in easy and commonly asked question. Make your basic strong. While practicing medicine we say that common things are always common; that's true for the questions of entrance examination as well. Most of the examiner are usually fond of asking question which are basic and common which they think are absolutely necessary for our level. Therefore, I would suggest 1 month before exam, go through all such topics and question, revise past question. Don’t worry about 20-30% hard question which are new or less commonly asked during the last month of your examination. In my view, competition occurs within 70-80% easy question which are basic, commonly asked.


OPN: How can aspirants parallel their PG preparation and job together?

Dr Saroj: You can connect every single thing you practice with your study. Each patient, each new cases, each of our rational prescription of medicine adds to our knowledge.


OPN: How can an aspirant prepare smart to excel competitive exams? Any tips about reading habit, memorizing and practicing technique?

Dr Saroj :Firstly, know yourself. Know what topics and subjects you are good at and what subjects and topics you need to improve at. Study hard and wise. 5 hours of smart study will be better than 10 hours of inattentive study. Revise as much as you can, practice as much questions as you can. Mock tests can be of great help for all to test yourself. Focused group of 7-8 friends in viber or telegram where you can make question polls for sole purpose of discussion can be effective. Learning from your own mistakes is the best way to learn. 

OPN: You ranked always high in our regular Model Tests. How much helpful was Online PG Nepal services to you?

Dr Saroj: Online PG Nepal truly were of great help. I am thankful to Online PG Nepal for coming up with such mock test every week.


OPN: Anything you would like to share more?

Dr Saroj: I would like to thank you Online PG Nepal for making my journey a little easier. Best wishes to all PG aspirant for coming entrance exam. I hope Medical Education Commission will be able to conduct CEE exam soon.


OPN: Thank you for your precious time. Congratulations once again.

Dr Saroj: It’s my pleasure. Thankyou!!