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What is your Full name, email address, MBBS college?

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Search Online PG
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Pay through IOM category, it will work for CEE 

After payment, you will get SMS, that contains a Ref code

After payment, Register in Registration section of our website.

Dear doctor,

Please send an email to


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We will provide you credit payment code, which you can use to register. You can pay later at your convenience.

IOM MD/MS Based Model Test:


Offer available for Registration done today

-  Kupondole and Satdobato branches

-  Paradise Institute

-  On spot registration

-  Location and details: 9843219364



-  Through our website

-  Verification of registration is ongoing

-  Roll numbers sent to multiple exam subscribers.


Best wishes.

Live Exam will start at 07:00 PM
Full marks: 200
Time: 07:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Questions divided into Total 4 sections:
- Section A: 60 questions: Clinical Sciences
- Section B: 55 questions: Allied Sciences
- Section C: 60 questions: Basic Scienecs
- Section D: 25 questions: Pre-clinical (CM/Forensic) and CPD

Live Exam will close at 10:00 PM

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In Esewa, select offer registration instead of IOM.
Select 1 exam to pay 2000.
After payment, please registre in our website.
You will get 15 tokens.

For 1000 payment, select 5 IOM exams, and pay 1000.
After payment, register in registration section of website.
Your account will be upgraded for 7 tokens.

Dear doctor,

Cancellation of Model test registration can be done by writing an email to and mentioning the date you want to cancel (at least 1 hour.before Live test).

Different team looks into it.

Thank you

Magh 4 IOM MD/MS Based Online Model test has started.

Visit with Verified Email address and Registered Roll number.


Best wishes.

Hello doctor,

Good evening...!!!


Congratulations for your great achievement in IOM MD/MS 2019.

We would like to wish you more success in coming days.


Meanwhile, we would like to Publish a congratulations message for you.


Please send us your:

- Picture

- Subject you chose for MD/MS, and Medical college?


Best wishes

NAMS MD/MS Based Online Model Test

07:30 PM, Asoj 6, 2076 (Monday evening test)

07:30 PM, Asoj 8, 2076 (Wednesday evening test)

11:00 AM, Asoj 11, 2076 (Saturday noon test)

Pre-Festive Offer

Access Model Test as low as approx NRs 138

•  6 Tokens for NRs 1000 (Valid for 6 weeks)

•  13 Tokens for NRs 2000 (Valid for 3 months)

•  21 Tokens for NRs 3000 (Valid for 6 months)

•  36 Tokens for NRs 5000 (Valid for 1 year)

*All of them transferable to coming IEE/IOM Model tests

Valid for payment done on Asoj 5, 2076 only till 12 AM midnight.

BPKIHS MD/MS Entrance Examination

11:00 AM - 02:00 PM, Jestha 25, 2076 (Saturday noon test)

11:00 AM - 02:00 PM, Jestha 26, 2076 (Sunday noon test): Past question based

11:00 AM - 02:00 PM, Jestha 27, 2076 (Monday noon test): Past question based

06:30 PM - 09:30 PM, Jestha 29, 2076 (Wednesday evening test)

Last Offer for BPKIHS

Access Model Test as low as NRs 208 (200 marks BPKIHS)

4 Tokens for NRs 1000

 6 Tokens for NRs 1250

Valid for payment done on Jestha 23, 2076 only till 12 AM midnight.

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