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Interview of Dr Prabhat Rijal with Online PG Nepal

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Dr Prabhat Rijal

INICET MD/MS Entrance-2021 Jan session

Rank 5: Foreign

(All India Rank 167)

MBBS: NGMC, Nepalgunj

OPN: Congratulations Dr Prabhat.
Dr Prabhat: Thank you !! Thank you also for the effort your team has been making for the PG aspirants.
OPN: How does it feel to be a topper of such tough and competitive exams? How much hopeful were you for such Rank?
Dr Prabhat: It is indeed a different feel; mixed emotions of Happiness, Pride, A sense of  Big Relief that you don't have to read like that again, And a feel of gratitude, A feel of being more lucky than others :) 

It was like 50/50, since the questions were conceptual, I thought there was  a chance for me gaining a spot or may be not !! Since the seats were very few only, Nobody could actually assume how the result would be. But obviously there was some Hope.

OPN: Who would you like to share your credit of success with?
Dr Prabhat: 
I would never be here if it wasn't my Grandpa..!! The biggest credit goes to him who always dreamt and inspired grandson becoming a doctor (my grandmom died because of ?Tuberculosis many years before I was born ).
And my heartily gratitude towards my wife who bore be in my harsh times and believed in me, my dads and moms for their continuous support despite few challenging decisions I had to make  my brother, sister, vinaju, my all family members and my friends as well as teachers !!

This success belongs to all who have wished for me from their heart !!

OPN: Please share your brief story after internship till the PG success day.
Dr Prabhat: My story is kind of a tale with plenty of ups and downs..!! Starting my compulsory bonding from Rapti Subregional Hospital  Dang, where I spent one and a half year. I worked with many people. I worked in many clinics, many organizations. I worked as a Trainer of CBIMNCI, speaker on plenty of health topics, Tutor in entrance preparation institutes .
Remaining 6 months of my bond I completed in Sansthaga Pariwar Niyojan Clinic. I earned name, fame, status, satisfaction, almost everything that was possible for a medical officer with no medical background.
After my completion of bond I got married to my lovely wife  who encouraged me to focus more on study thereafter. I came to KTM in the month of Poush, I looked for a job, primarily a teaching type. I taught at many places and at some places there were bitter experiences, got no money after so many of classes. I tried for job in many hospitals but got unlucky. But my wife and my family always supported me .
After the start of lockdown  in Chaitra it seemed I can't  find any work and started reading formally for my PG preparation. It was such an economic crisis for me and my family that I never had imagined of.
Thereafter having no choices for job left me no options than studying. Receiving calls from Saahus time and again was the worst feeling. Despite all this continuous hands from my wife, and all family members I could find myself in a very commanding position in my study by next 4_5 months .
Uncertainty and postponement of CEE exam was one of the painful moments. We all have gone through this. I joined Gangalal Hospital just before Tihar to sort out my financial insecurity. I couldn't prepare differently for INICET exam, it was the preparation that I had before Dashai for CEE that helped me . Despite my job I feel lucky to find myself on this rank !!
We all almost have same stories with difficulties balancing the economic crisis with study !! But patience and discipline help you get through all this sooner or later.

OPN: How tough are entrance exams these days?
Dr Prabhat: Yeah, Indeed exams are being more tougher. Fewer seats for PG lets the number of candidates get added on and forcing you to compete among plenty of tough competitors. The availability of multiple online resources for study even put on a higher benchmark for success. However the stories of success in all exams lies within  those simple and common questions.


OPN: How is INICET entrance examination unique and how was the entrance pattern?
Dr Prabhat:
INICET was different than what we expect as a conventional Indian entrance exams. It was this time more conceptual, more relating to your basic sciences knowledge with pictorial and multiple choices questions. There were fewer question where you have to mug up the values or data.

Since there is negative marking system, it's on us to decide what to go for and what to leave off. This decision can be the most crucial one, so it's better to have  habit of practicing in this way for INICET exams .

OPN: What are the books and other resources you used for entrance preparation?
Dr Prabhat:
 USMLE Step 1 First Aid , ROAMS and Mudit Khanna  were the major books I went through. When I came across new topics not included in those books, I used to make notes of those from other books too.
Online PG Nepal, Pre-PG, PG-blazer were the online portals for practicing as many questions as possible..!! These platforms sharpened my  performance.

OPN: What advice would you like to give to future PG aspirants?
Dr Prabhat: Do not always focus on reading more, rather focus on reading smart. Many of us have habit of reading plenty of books and plenty of time, but we forget reading is one aspect  and performing is another one. So give regular exams to boost your marks and rank, know your weakness and work on that.
Never compare yourself with others and never think yourself being weaker..!! Keep patience, study regularly, don't make any excuse for not studying, be optimistic, pray the god, you will succeed one day.
Give more importance on how to improve performance in exams rather than just studying and studying !! You can read overnight and get blacked out, you can chill all night and score at the top; Please keep this in mind !!

Some succeed earlier, it doesn't mean you won't succeed..!! Don't give up, some day it's your turn to be in the topper's list..!!


OPN: 1 month before exam, what shall students focus on?
Dr Prabhat: 1 month before exam is the most crucial time for preparation. We often have habit of reading newer books that are in the market or that your friend suggests you. I don't think this is a good idea. Last one month is just for revision to master what you have already learnt till date..!!
Last one month can be planned in this way:

  1. Make a plan to revise the subjects mainly the important topics or notes dividing the time duration on the basis of marks they carry.

  2. Never get deviated from your time schedule no matter what.

  3. Do not pay attention to what your friends say or ask you. They may tell you those topics that you haven't read or those tough questions that may down your confidence. Ignore them.

  4. Leave almost a week before your exam for memorizing to be memorized things. But let's be clear you can't let all to be memorized topics for the last week,yo u should have habit of seeing them before 1 months as well.

  5. During this 1 month, take online exams like Online PG Nepal to have habit of doing questions, or else suddenly appearing at the examination table can be a bad experience.

  6. 2-3 days before exams, let yourself relaxed as much possible, never waste your time on those topics which you can not understand but consume your precious time. Stay positive, stay calm

Never think of what you couldn't revise or never think I could have read better. Whatever you have read suffices, have that belief.
1 day before exam, Have a good sleep (at least 8hrs which I always do), have light food in both in the dinner a day before exam and light breakfast (esp fruits ), have positive vibes.
And at least a hour before exam, leave all your books by your side, don't even look at them, get some fresh air to let your mind relax. When you enter the examination hall and see your paper, pray to God for good and give your best !!

OPN: How can aspirants parallel their PG preparation and job together?
Dr Prabhat: This is the toughest thing to do to as per my experience. Many of us move through this situation where you can not earn and you cant even ask for money with your parents..!!
So once a week duty can be helpful in this case.
Your study plans should be concrete, concise, more focused and smart to excel .
Out of duty time you have to focus solely on your study..!! The way you study when you are jobless and when you are engaged is far different. You can't expect to study like jobless when you are in job. Make some notes to study during the leisure time during job, discuss questions with fellow friends on duty, practice MCQs if possible..!!

Yeah it's difficult but it's always possible to balance this and conquer. You see me as an example ..:)


OPN: How can an aspirant prepare smart to excel competitive exams? Any tips about reading habit, memorizing and practicing technique?
Dr Prabhat:

Smart study !! Here are few tips 

  1. Focus more on common topics, Try not to miss questions from those topics.

  2. Make mnemonics that you feel easy to remember but not too many because at times it can be difficult to find what that mnemonic was !!

  3. Read your most confusing topic  early in morning, regularly so that it gets memorized even you without knowing that u did it.

  4. Practice questions daily; you may be in hurry to complete some topic but never let a day go where u haven't practiced MCQs.

  5. Practicing questions especially after evening meal can be effective as it's really difficult to cover theories at that time (what I personally felt )

  6. Make a copy to write down those questions that you marked wrong in practice exams so that you can review them later on.

  7. Don't spend time on discussing questions that can have different answer in different books. Just believe in a trusted source or if you can not do that, believe your book is correct.

  8. Give regular exams so that you will find where you stand, what is your weak point, how to manage time in exams, how to perform well in exams. Do every exams as if it's the real exam :)

OPN: You ranked always high in our regular Model Tests. How much helpful wan Online PG Nepal services to you?
Dr Prabhat: Online PG Nepal was very much helpful for me from the time I started preparing for PG.
I found out my weakness (for eg. Not reading question completely, not looking at all the options completely, etc). I find it pretty helpful in managing time in exam. I figured out the common topics and frequently asked questions so that I could focus more on them. Moreover plenty of one liners get captured into your memory spontaneously when you give regular exams.
Finding oneself regularly on the top list soothed me, boosted my confidence, provided my preparation the sharpness that I required.
Questions may not be the same , but it changes your  approach to the examination !! Thank u PG Nepal for this opportunity.

I often took credit options a few times to take  exams; that was one of the best ideas brought by Online PG Nepal too.

OPN: Anything you would like to share more?
Dr Prabhat:
However talented a student be, excelling in competitive exams isn't possible without proper study plans..!! 
We all start at the same level, and we all have equal chances of getting the rank.
Don't look at the number of seats you can apply for, because it's only a single seat that you need for yourself. Try to read smart and perform even more smarter.
Believe in yourself, Never Give Up.

OPN: Thank you for your precious time. Congratulations once again.
Dr Prabhat:
I would like to thank this team to let me share my stories and experiences. I feel glad to share what I have done, what I have learnt. I am always ready to help my friends and juniors with the ideas I have with me.
Thank u online PG Nepal for providing me with this opportunity.