Payment methods available:

  1. Esewa (Esewa to Esewa, Mobile Banking to Esewa, Internet Banking to Esewa, Local Esewa shop to Esewa)

  2. Khalti

  3. Token purchase at Paradise Institute, Kupondole and Satdobato

  4. Token purchase at Namaste Books and Stationery, Putalisadak (In front of NAME)

  5. Free Coupon with purchase of Book "Complete Review of MD/MS Entrance Examinations"

Online Model Test Exam Fee:

  • NRs 250 per Exam per Person

  • NRs 500 per two consecutive Exams per Person

  • NRs 1000 per five Exams per Person (Save NRs 250; single person booking for 5 consecutive exams)

Make sure you enter the User ID properly while transferring money, we are not responsible for any mistakes or inadvertent transfer of money to other account.
(9841061692, Bidya Nath: Name and Number should match to make sure you entered the ID correctly)

TOP-UP/RECAHRGE of Phone number is not considered Payment.

Esewa user

Esewa Fund transfer:

If you or your friend are Esewa User: Go to Esewa Mobile App or

Go to Send Money.

Esewa ID: 9841061692

Amount: 250

Remarks: Your Email address

(You can do this also from nearby Esewa facility shop)

Make note of the Transaction Code in a paper and Enter it during Registration process.

Cash deposit in Esewa by visiting Bank counter

Counter deposit in Esewa by physically going to Bank counter:

Ask for Esewa Cash deposition Voucher in Bank counter.

Fill up the form (Example of filled up Voucher is shown below).

In Esewa ID: 9841061692


This facility is available with following banks:

- Global IME Bank

- Prabhu Bank

- Siddhartha Bank

- Janata Bank

- Tourism Development Bank

- Mahalaxmi Development Bank

Fill the voucher like this (as shown in the Sample Voucher of Global IME Bank below)

In such deposition, you may not get any Transaction code.

Fill the form in Registration section of website. In Payment Code section, write Picture emailed

And, Send the picture of Voucher in our Email

Mobile banking to Esewa

List of the Banks with Esewa in Mobile banking:

See if your Bank is listed below with Esewa transfer Mobile Banking service.

If your Bank is listed above,

Go to the Mobile banking app of your Bank.

Go to Esewa section in the Mobile application.

Keep the Esewa ID: 9841061692 and Amount.

Transfer the amount.

You will get the Transaction Code in the PDF file generated after transaction.

If you did not get the code: You have the SMS in your mobile about transfer of payment to Esewa ID.

Fill the form in Registration section of website. In Payment Code section, write Screenshot emailed.

And, Send the Screenshot of SMS of Mobile Banking transaction in our Email

We will verify it.

Internet Banking to Esewa

List of the Banks with Esewa in Internet banking:

See if your Bank is listed below with Esewa transfer through Internet Banking service.

If your Bank is listed above,

Go to the Internet banking web page of your Bank.

Login your Internet Banking.

Go to Esewa/Load Esewa/Third party transfer.

Keep the Esewa ID: 9841061691 and Amount.


  1. Visit the website and get oriented with various Sections.

  2. First pay for the exam before registration. NRs 250 per exam per person, NRs 500 for 2 exams per person, NRs 1000 per five exam per person (Same Transaction ID/Token number works for 5 exams) and NRs 1125 for five person in one exam (Same Transaction ID/Token number works for 5 persons in single exam).

  3. 5 time payment is valid for 5 successive exams. You can choose to use 5 Token to appear for any 5 exams within 6 weeks to the maximum. If you have chosen Auto-registration or Self- Registration, and you do not want to appear in any exam, you can email us and stop your Registration. Your Token will not be lapsed in such case. Non-information about the exam will automatically register you for the next exam.

  4. Payment can be done by eSewa, Khalti. Coupon/Token can also be purchased from Paradise institute, Kupondole and Satdobato and Namaste Book, Putalisadak (In front of NAME). Visit the Payment section of our website. DO THE SEND MONEY/OFFER FUND (TOP UP/RECHARGE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED PAYMENT)

  5. While paying, Enter/write your email address in Remarks section.

  6. Make note of the Transaction ID after online payment or the Token number while purchasing from Token purchase from Paradise Institute or Namaste Books.

  7. Now go to Register section in the website, register your name, mobile, email address and Transaction ID of payment or Token number. Keep the all letters of your email in small letter. Don’t use capital letters in email, specially First letter.

  8. Always remember (write on Paper) the Roll number you choose during registration. This is the key to Start exam and See results.

  9. You will receive email after the confirmation.

  10. On exam day, go to Go to start exam section. You can enter your name and registered email and start exam.

  11. Email us through our website if any confusion.