Kopundole Centre: Hanumansthan, Kopundole, Lalitpur-10 (Close to Gurudwara Satsang)

Satdobato Centre: Talchikhel, Satdobato, Lalitpur-14 ( Near PuranoYatayat)

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We offer a place to prepare, discuss, learn and ultimately excel your goal,

We at Paradise Institute & Reading Room Center understand the nature of your need and offer a wide range of academic activities and an excellent place to study.


Courses offered:

  1. NMCLE preparation classes for MBBS

  2. 15 days Crash course for NMCLE ( MBBS)

  3. NMCLE preparation classes for BDS

  4. NMLE  preparation classes for MDS

  5. NMCLE preparation classes for MD/MS Special exam.

  6. USMLE preparation classes  (Step 1, step 2 & CS)

  7. LOKSEWA preparation classes for Medical Officer

  8. MD/MS preparation classes

  9. Weekly model exam for MD/MS

  10. Weekly model exam for NMCLE ( MBBS/BDS)

  11. Nationwide free online model test for MD/MS entrance exam

  12. Model exam for MD/MS special exam

  13. Model exam for LOKSEWA for medical officer

  14. Home based Online preparation facilities

Reading Room Facility

Ideal environment to study and innovate.


Salient features:

  1. Paradise is possibly the largest reading room chain in Nepal. Presently, we have in Kupondole & Satdobato. We have vision of extending in other parts as well.

  2. Reading Room will be opened 7 days a week and even in public holidays

  3. A/C and Non- A/C Rooms,Heater rooms / Fan in summer

  4. Reference books

  5. Individual locker facility (FREE)

  6. Water dispenser ( Hot & Cold water )

  7. Wifi/Photocopy & Print services

  8. Spacious parking area

  9. Ample of space for discussion / Discussion room

  10. Non-partitioned separate spacious cabins (semi-private & full private cabins)

  11. Canteen facility serving breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner

NMCLE Preparation classes

Salient features of NMCLE 

  • Duration- 3 months , 200+ hrs (140+hrs+  lectures,  50+hrs of examination; 10+ hours of super high yield discussion + cases + Video session of relevant topics)

  • Specialized subjects taught by specialist faculty to give you clear insight on the different subject matters.

  • Know all the tricks, tips, concepts, mnemonics and high yield topics to help you prepare smartly

  • Updated course curriculum / Lesson plans

  • Extensive MCQ practice during class and weekly model exam to exercise you dealing time-based set question.

  • Experienced and highly dedicated team of more than 10 faculty members.

  • Interaction and discussion in class is highly encouraged helping you spot memorization.

  • Provide you with extensive extra guidance on exam preparation , proven strategies on solving MCQs and CSQs, and super high yield review classes ( for free) after the completion of the course.

  • Video session of relevant topics to increase your visualization and imagination helping you vividly retain the theoretical topics.

  • We conduct academic activities like Quiz session to keep your focus & interest on studies, so that you learn by playing.

  • Surprise tests to make you ready for the exam anytime.

  • Grand NMCLE model exams prepared by experienced faculty members from different specialty will be conducted after completion of the course to help you exit through NMCLE.

  • Special discount on reading room for NMCLE students which opens from 6 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week and even in public holidays.

NMCLE classes for BDS

  • Dental NMCLE Preparation course

  • Duration: 3 months, 120+ hours lectures

  • Multiple Model Tests

  • Grand Model Test


Faculty members

  • Dr. Narayan Sharma Lamichhane, MDS, Oral and maxillofacial surgery

  • Dr. Pragya Shrestha, MDS, Prosthodontics.

  • Dr.  Kumbha Joshi, MDS, Pedodontics

  • Dr. Anil Kumar Yadav, MDS, Orthodontics

NMCLE 15 days Crash Course

  • For MBBS and BDS

  • Know what you need the MUST KNOW for NMCLE

  • Specially designed consolidated course focused on high- yield topics, concepts and MCQ and CSQ practice.

MD/MS Preparation classes

MD/MS entrance preparation classes

  1. Dedicated course to master all the basic and clinical subjects.

  2. In –depth course with high-yield revision.

  3. Renowned faculties from Nepal. Student friendly teaching – learning sessions.

  4. Course designed to meet standards of Nepalese competitive examinations: IOM, KU, NAMS, BPKIHS, PAHS.

  5. Flexibility of time for working doctors.

  6. Weekly model tests, discussion sessions, motivational classes.

  7. Affordable price.

  8. Online preparation packages and Online MD/MS Based Model Tests

  9. Regular Model Test based upon the patterns of Real exam.

  10. Weekly MD/MS, Loksewa Based Written & Online Model Tests.

Contacts us:


Kopundole Centre: Hanumansthan, Kopundole, Lalitpur-10 (Close to Gurudwara Satsang)

Satdobato Centre: Talchikhel, Satdobato, Lalitpur-14 ( Near PuranoYatayat)

9803732728, 9818723799, 9843219364