Suman Lamichhane.jpg

Dr Suman Lamichhane

Resident, MD Radiology

IOM MD/MS Entrance 2074/75

Congratulations to Online PG Nepal (MDMS Nepal) for successful completion of one year! It was a really good attempt to help the PG aspirants providing with mock tests and great resources which helped me too as a aspirant myself on not only to test myself before the actual tests but also revising the high yield points for the real exam. I appeared most of the online mock tests and whenever I missed those, I practiced all the questions post test also comparing myself with my competitors. I recommend all the PG aspirants not to miss the online tests from Mdms. Moreover, the way they are facilitating the examinees regarding the important notices and tips for the exam really helps reduce the stress of days of the exams. I wish you all the best for the upcoming days and I hope u will expand your activities.

sambhu khanal.jpg

Dr Sambhu Khanal

Resident, MD Internal Medicine

IOM MD/MS Entrance 2074/75

For all PG aspirants, I would like to extend my warm wishes for success. Study is a continuous process and is always a rankless priority in the medical field. Perseverance with good faith and confidence is bottom-line of success. Everyone has almost gone through the same books for PG preparation. The difference lies in exercising the brain overwhelmed with information into an organized pattern.  It seems Online PG Nepal (MDMS Nepal) has been successful in helping all do so. Thank you for creating the platform.

Sabin Pokhrel.jpg

Dr Sabin Pokharel

Resident, MS Orthopedics

IOM MD/MS Entrance 2074/75

My best wishes to the platform that helped many of the PG aspirant like me achieve what they deserved. Happy anniversary and thanks to Paradise institute. May it still keep on fulfilling dreams. My best wishes.


Access Model Test as low as NRs 152

  • 6 Tokens for NRs 1000 (valid for 2 months)

  • 33 Tokens for NRs 5000 (expected model tests before IOM exam)



  • Valid for payment done on Paush 1, 2075 only (till 12 AM midnight).

  • People with remaining token can also pay and add token to their account.

  • After payment, register at “Anniversary Registration” section in Home-page of website and Fill form.

  • 33 Tokens, if not finished within IOM session, can be transferred to other tests or other people.

  • 5000 Payment can be done by any regular payment for 5 times with NRs 1000. Mention all Ref code in case of 5000 payment during registration.

  • If you have pending tokens available from previous payment, token will be added in your account.

  • After first registration, verification and Roll numbers are sent in your email before every exam; and you can cancel it by reply to email if you do not want to attend.

  • Any queries, email us at


  1. Visit the website and get oriented with various Sections.

  2. First pay for the exam before registration. NRs 250 per exam per person, NRs 500 for 2 exams per person, NRs 1000 per five exam per person (Same Transaction ID/Token number works for 5 exams).

  3. 5 time payment is valid for 5 successive exams. You can choose to use 5 Token to appear for any 5 exams within 6 weeks to the maximum.

  4. Payment can be done by eSewa through Merchant Payment and Esewa website, Khalti. Nepal Bank Limited, 3rd Edition of Complete Review of MD/MS Entrance Exams by Dr Sujit K Jha, Dr Sasmita Tuladhar & Dr Rabin Ghimire. Coupon/Token can also be purchased from Paradise institute, Kupondole. Visit Payment section of website for details.

  5. Now go to Register section in the website, register your name, mobile, email address and Transaction ID of payment or Token number. 

  6. Always remember (write on Paper) the Roll number you choose during registration. This is the key to Start exam and See results.

  7. You will receive email after the confirmation.

  8. On exam day, go to Go to start exam section. You can enter your name and registered email and start exam.

  9. Email us through our website if any confusion.

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