Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can participate in such test?

Anyone with mobile/computer access and working internet can take test.

2. How to register for the test?

You can fill in our form, and participate in our Online model tests. You can visit Registration section of this website to fill in the form. You have to pay for the exam first, then you have to fill the registration form before the exam. You need to choose a unique Roll number by yourself while filling registration form. Your email address and Roll number will give you access to the exam.

Steps of taking part in Model test:

  • Pay through any online portal like Esewa, See the payment details in the payment section of our website

  • Register your details and choose a unique Roll number before in Register section of our website.

  • On scheduled date and time, visit Start Exam section of our website, Start the exam

  • See result in Result section of the website.

  • Answers and Explanation (QAE file) of the Mock test will be sent in your email.

3. Is the Model test free or paid?

This is a paid service. We need to maintain the Online system and pay our expert group to meet the standard of Model questions.

4. How can I pay for the Model test?

You can visit the Payment section of this website for details. Online payment gateway are used. You can deposit the amount in Esewa, Khalti, Nepal Bank Limited or you can purchase coupon for it from Paradise Institute and Reading Room at Kupondole. Anyone can pay on your behalf. You should have the Payment code (Ref code) during registration..


5. How do I know my payment is confirmed or I am eligible to Model test?

You will get SMS containing Unique Transaction ID (Ref ID) from the payment. That you need to submit while registering for the test. You will get the confirmatory message through our system after your registration is accepted.


6. I did not get any Transaction ID after payment?

In such case, send your payment proof like picture of voucher, screenshots of Last banking transaction. Our online system will match your payment details and email you.


7. Payment or registration first?

First you need to pay and put the payment details in registration. Registration process is incomplete without payment details.


8. How to choose Roll number?

Email address and Roll number are unique for you. Always remember your unique Roll number. Always write this roll number in some paper. Losing Roll number will not let you have access to Exam and Result.


9. Roll number is always same in every exam?

Roll number is always different for every exam. Try to make your Roll number as unique as possible every time.

10. I registered for multiple exam by paying NRs 1000. Do I have to fill registration form before every exam? How cancellation of test can be done?

You need to register only once when you pay NRs 1000. Regardless of the category, we will email you Roll number before every exams. Roll number is different for every exams, If you do not want to participate any exam, you can send us email in onlinepgnepal@gmail.com to cancel the registration of particular exam date, at least 1 hour before the Live exam begins. Cancellation of exam is done anytime before the Live exam begins (except 1 hour before the Live test).

11. When is confirmation sent?

Confirmation will be sent in your registered email 24 hrs before every exam. If you could not find the registration, email us at onlinepgnepal@gmail.com. Registration done 24 hrs before exam will receive confirmation 1 hour before exam. Registration is accepted if you pay at least 1 hour before exam.

12. How exam is conducted?

Exam is LIVE. Everyone takes exam in scheduled date and time. You can start exam through the Start Exam section of this website. Only the details used during the registration is eligible to participate in the exam. Form will not open for unregistered details.


13. What do I need for Online tests?

Simple internet connection, little slow connection may work as well. Use Google chrome browser for smooth run. Opera Mini may have some issues. You can take exams both from Mobile and Computer/Laptop.

14. How do I receive answers to the questions of Model test?

You will be emailed the Questions, Answers and Explanations (QAE file) of the Model test in your registered email. It is usually sent within 15 minutes of closure of exam. If you could not find them, email us at onlinepgnepal@gmail.com.

15. Who prepares the questions? How much helpful are the questions?

Questions are prepared only by the toppers and scholars of various competitive exams like IOM, Loksewa, BPKIHS, NAMS, KU. We provide authentic answers and explanations to support your preparation. Questions are designed to help you gain a refresher to your regular preparation.

16. What are the benefits of Model test?

You can assess your weakness before you face the real Exam. You can compare your position among 1000+ registered users for the exam. With multiple such model test, you can develop confidence and strengthen your concept. Questions will help you master various probable and past questions.

17. I paid for the test, but I did not get any updates.

Paying for the test doesn't only imply registration. You need to register your details along with payment details. 

18. I do not have much idea about internet and computers, can I participate easily?

Yes, no technical expertise is required to participate in test. You just need to have a working internet. Our hotline number, Email, facebook and Viber Services are reday to help you with this.

19. How can I contact you?

You can contact us at 9801114177, or Add us in Viber number of 9801114177, email us at 0nlinepgnepal@gmail.com or Contact us through Facebook Page and profile.​