Esewa Merchant Payment (SMS/Offline mode):

Esewa Merchant Payment

Esewa Merchant Payment:

You can use your own Esewa Mobile App or or visit nearest Local Shop with Esewa facilities. This method is for both iPhone and Android users. 


  1. In the eSewa app, go to SMS Mode. (Merchant payment can only be done through Esewa Mobile Application, not through the Esewa website. Esewa Mobile App has both Online and SMS/Offline mode. SMS/Offline mode can be activated by Turning OFF the Mobile Internet/Wifi).

  2. Select Other Payment option.

  3. Under Other payment option select Fonepay option. [Use updated Esewa App to see Fonepay option]

  4. In iPhone and some small sized mobiles, Fonepay may be in next Page section.


  6. Merchant code: ONLINEPGNEPAL

  7. Payment code: Mention your Email Address

  8. Amount: 250 or 1000 (Whatever amount you want to pay according to the Exam fee) 

  9. Click Proceed, and click Confirm.

  10. You will be asked to enter MPIN for confirmation, enter the MPIN to make the payment.

  11. Immediately after payment, you will receive SMS in Esewa registered Mobile with Ref No. Note that Ref No. It will be required to Fill Registration form.  



In Register section, enter your details, and choose a Roll number.

In Payment ID section, enter the Ref No you received after payment.

Even if you could not get the Ref No through SMS, you will be verified, if you have mentioned your email address correctly in the Payment Code while doing Merchant payment.

Illustrated example on how to do Esewa Merchant Payment:

Go to Esewa Mobile App in your Mobile, or Mobile of nearby Esewa facility shop.

 Switch the Esewa to SMS Mode. (There are two modes to use Esewa, 1 is online, another is offline/SMS mode. Merchant payment can only be done through SMS Mode. If Esewa App is already in SMS mode, no need to change.)

Setting are little different for iPhone. You can go to Offline Mode. Fonepay option may be seen in next page.

Now, you are in SMS Mode of Esewa App. 

Click on Other Payments at last corner of the Esewa App, and then into Fonepay. If you do not see Fonepay optionYour Esewa App need to be updated. Other payment option and Fonepay option may be seen in next page in some iPhone.

Now click on the Fonepay option and enter the Merchant details.

Merchant code: ONLINEPGNEPAL (All letters of Merchant code MUST be in Capital letters)

Payment code: Enter your Email address here

Amount: 250 or 1000 as per your requirement.

Now continue with the payment, and enter you 4 digit MPIN (security code while using the SMS model of Esewa).

After payment, you will receive SMS in Mobile number registered with Esewa. In SMS, you can see the Ref No. Note this Ref No, this number is required to fill the Online form in Register section of our website

If you could not obtain Ref No, but you have entered your Email address in Payment Code, your Registration will be verified.

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