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Short interview of Dr Surendra Raymajhi with Online PG Nepal

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Dr Surendra Raymajhi

Rank 1

IOM MD/MS Entrance-2019

MBBS: UCMS, Bhairahawa

OPN: Congratulations Dr Surendra.

Dr Surendra: Thank u so much.


OPN: How does it feel to be a topper of such tough and competitive exams? How much hopeful were you for such Rank?

Dr Surendra: It is certainly a moment to remember. I have always hoped to be in the Top 20 list.


OPN: Who would you like to share your credit of success with?

Dr Surendra: Constant support from family, friends and never ending discussion with them, apart from hard work helped me to get the rank. 


OPN: Please share your brief story after internship till the PG success day.

Dr Surendra: I was first posted to Balkot PHC under Scholarship contract for 2 years. I entered Loksewa afterwards and joined Gulmi District Hospital under Loksewa, then got transfer to Balkot PHC again.


OPN: How tough are entrance exams these days?

Dr Surendra: Entrance exam are always tough as they not only depend on how well you do but also on how others does. Everyone has given their best in preparation these days.


OPN: What are the books and other resources you used for entrance preparation?

Dr Surendra: USMLE Step 1 First Aid, AIPGMEE Mudit Khanna and Complete Review of MDMS by Dr. Sujit Kumar Jha, Anatomy from Across and Model tests of Online PG Nepal.

I revised 3 sources viz: First Aid, Mudit Khanna, Sujit Jha very well.

OPN: What advice would you like to give to future PG aspirants?

Dr Surendra: I think focusing on concepts is equally important as doing MCQs. Theory reading habit should also be a part of preparation.

There will be an individual variation on study hour. But  I believe regular study, understanding what you have studied and enough rest and sleep are must for everyone to excel in every exams.


OPN: 1 month before exam, what shall students focus on?

Dr Surendra: One month before exam is very important  period. During this period, revising the studied topics is much more important than reading new topics. Stress and panicking will hamper ranks. Most of the stress comes from unnecessary out of focus thoughts.

OPN: How can aspirants parallel their PG preparation and job together?

Dr Surendra: It was quite difficult for me to keep balance between study and work. Studying regularly in early periods and increasing the speed and duration on late periods have helped  me a lot.

OPN: How can an aspirant prepare smart to excel competitive exams? Any tips about reading habit, memorizing and practicing technique?

Dr Surendra: Important questions are always important. I believe focusing on frequently asked topics is the key to preparation because its very difficult to cover all the syllabus, and remember them as well.


OPN: You ranked always high in our regular Model Tests. How much helpful wan Online PG Nepal services to you?

Dr Surendra: Online PG Nepal (MDMS Nepal) is an important platform to learn and assess the preparation. It guided me  about my weakness and strength, and motivated me till here.


OPN: Anything you would like to share more?

Dr Surendra: Studying for MCQs is little different. In such exam, doing MCQs regularly with  studying theory portion is crucial.


OPN: Thank you for your precious time. Congratulations once again.

Dr Surendra: Thank u for all the help and inspiration Online PG Nepal.