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Short interview of Dr Shikhar Verma with Online PG Nepal

Dr Shikhar Verma

AIIMS Rank 1


PGI, Chandigarh Rank 4

(MD/MS Entrance-2018)

MBBS: Janaki Medical College, Janakpur

OPN: Congratulations for your big achievement.

Dr Shikhar: Thank you very much!!!


OPN: Who would you like to share your success with?

Dr Shikhar: Almighty god, my parents & family members, my teachers, my batch mates, seniors, juniors & all well wishers.


OPN: Please share your brief story after internship till the PG success day.

Dr Shikhar: After completing internship, I worked almost a year at one of the best hospital in the valley. After that, it was my senior who advised me to start preparing for PG entrance exam. Since then in about 1 year of preparation I have finally reached the moment to commence my PG.


OPN: How much dedicated time you paid for preparation? Was it a self-study?

Dr Shikhar: It was 1 year of time. In this 1 year I did coaching in India for 6 months to brush up important concepts & found it useful as it also sets a new standard to keep working constantly on your study. I realized the intensity of the competition & I was trying to stretch my limits every day.


OPN: What are the resources you used for entrance preparation? 

Dr Shikhar: Coaching notes, USMLE first Aid & frequent online tests of Online PG Nepal (Mdms Nepal).


OPN: How much useful are the services of Online PG Nepal to you?

Dr Shikhar:  Online PG Nepal (Mdms Nepal) is a great platform where we get all the relevant information related to the PG entrance preparation. Series of model tests definitely keeps us on the pace and just before exam we are familiar with the pattern of exam, important topics & time management.


OPN: How much different is the AIIMS, PGI and JIPMER entrance than other competitive exams?

Dr Shikhar: It was my 2nd attempt in all these three institutes & with this experience I feel exam at these institute tests your concepts rather than rote learning. Question of AIIMS will test your clinical judgment & skill. PGI test how depth we are aware of the topic. JIPMER questions are quite different & I guess quite tough. And important thing is that these all exam have good chunk of questions based on the recent advancements.


OPN: What are the MUST things one should master to crack Indian Entrance exams?

Dr Shikhar: It is said that in any exam there are 50% questions which an average student can solve easily, about 10-20% questions are totally new & not known to most of the students. But remaining 30-40% is what decides our rank. During preparation, we get to know what the important topics that comprise this part are. We have to work on these topics thoroughly because there is definitely going to be questions from these topics in almost all exams.

Beside this, we all have some strong areas & some weak areas. We should work enough on weak areas. Knowing everything is impossible but knowing what is important is possible.


OPN: What strategy you used to master the negative markings and multiple correct answers in the exam?

Dr Shikhar: Negative marking is a big concern in all entrance exam of India. One is supposed to take a calculated risk depending upon the exam which we are appearing for. For exam like AIIMS it is said to take risk if we have doubt among two options only. But for PGI it is advised not to mark the option if we are less confident. I believe we can gain confidence on it by practicing enough questions from past questions & Model tests.


OPN: What advices would you like to give to future PG aspirants?

Dr Shikhar: PG preparation is not only test of your knowledge but tests your patience, your ability to bounce back on your failures. There will be many days when we are totally frustrated & it happens to everyone but we need to learn how to cope with them. We can’t afford to lose enough time thinking about the future. When I was studying hard but still was facing failures, I always used to say myself probably with my every failure I am getting one more step closer to my success. Trust on God & on your hard work, the day will definitely come.


OPN: 1 month before exam, what shall students focus on?

Dr Shikhar: I think it becomes golden rule that 1 month before exam, stop reading any new topics & just keep revising the things what you have read in past. As earlier said, make sure you are working enough on your weak topics. Keep practicing questions in last month, give simulate tests frequently to know where we are doing mistakes & where we stand. Model tests also help to learn how to manage time in real exam.


OPN: PG is getting very competitive and seats are very few, how can an aspirant deal in it?

Dr Shikhar: I totally agree with this & it is quite disappointing especially when you have secured good mark but still you don’t get seat. But someone who is working enough on his dream definitely gets there. We have to stay positive & keep our self-motivated saying that out of so many seats there must be one seat for me.


OPN: How much difficult and expensive is it to fill Registration forms for India and to visit for entrance?

Dr Shikhar: Entrance exam fee is almost similar (including No objection Certificate/NOC charge) as we have in Nepal but one thing that was quite annoying for me is the process & time we have to spend applying for NOC. Beside the entrance exam fee, visiting India especially when you are appearing for all 3 institute exam will be expensive. I was lucky to have my brother already living in Delhi . So can’t say exactly how much expensive it is.


OPN: How can aspirants parallel their study to Target for Nepalese and Indian entrance exams together?

Dr Shikhar: Luckily whether it is Nepal entrance exam or India, the important topics are quite similar. If we know what are the important topics it is quite achievable. Only thing is that we need to be aware about the pattern of questions, time allocated & negative markings.


OPN: Can you tell us in brief about the steps to fill form for AIIMS, PGI & JIPMER?

Dr Shikhar: Filling form whether AIIMS, PGI or JIPMER it’s similar. First we have to get one Police verification certificate, only one will be applicable for all 3 institutes. Then we have to apply for NOC (1 NOC/Institute) from the Ministry ofEducation (MOE), we need to Submit one copy at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in return they will issue another NOC. After getting all these documents, we can apply online for the respective institute exam from their respective website. Payment has to be done online. NOC and printed form has to be submitted at Embassy of India in due time. We have to check the website frequently & provide necessary information if asked. And they will release admit card as per their notice.


OPN: Anything you would like to share more?

Dr Shikhar: I feel it doesn’t matter from how good or bad college you have done your MBBS, whether you passed MBBS in first attempt or multiple attempts, the only thing that matters is our effort. We should never give up on our dreams. We should learn from our failure because it re-defines us & helps us explore a new potential within us.


OPN: Thank you for your precious time. Congratulations once again.

Dr Shikhar: It was wonderful experience giving my first ever interview. I must also congratulate Online PG Nepal team for their tremendous effort & helping establish a new era in the field of PG entrance exam preparation. I wish all the best for the OPN team & the entire future PG aspirant. See you soon in various prestigious institutes doing PG.