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Short interview of Dr Sandeep Bhandari with Online PG Nepal

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Dr Sandeep Bhandari

Rank 1

BPKIHS MD/MS Entrance-2019


OPN: Congratulations doctor.

Dr Sandeep: Thank you so much !!


OPN: How does it feel to have such esteemed Rank in such tough and competitive exams? How much hopeful were you for such Rank?

Dr Sandeep: It feels quite surreal, to be honest. Based on my performance in model exams, i was realistic about getting into top 10. But never in my wildest dream did I ever imagine that I would secure this rank!


OPN: Who would you like to share your credit of success with? Any role models in your life?

Dr Sandeep: I would like to thank God :), because entrance exams, most of the times turn out to be roll of a dice! A few blunders and some lucky guesses here and there may have a huge impact in ranking. Then I would thank all my respected teachers, prep books, and online prep platforms such as yours! Moreover my family, wonderful friends and coworkers.


OPN: Please share your brief story after internship completion till the PG success day.

Dr Sandeep: During internship, there was not much prep.. (duties, procrastination, and indecision between what to prepare for...).  My 1st year of government bond was in Rajapur PHC, (Bardiya), during which I went through Kaplan lectures. I got transferred to Lele PHC then after. I was awaiting Loksewa result so preparation was a bit halted. Sadly, it didn't materialize. So i was genuinely worried and started to prepare for next tentative exam, which was BPKIHS's. During long travel hours to job, I mostly prep'ed from Online pg preparation, ebook and snapshots. At home I would go through Mudit, First Aid, Pathoma video lectures etc.


OPN: How tough are entrance exams these days? How should an aspirant choose a smart way to excel?

Dr Sandeep: Yeah, its getting tougher n tougher.. because of disparity between UG and PG seats. Resources are all the same, so is the question pool ( mostly AIPGMEE Mudit Khanna question banks). But difference may lie in getting difficult concepts right so as not to forget them later and using efficient memory tricks to remember trivia (which may not be grasped through concepts). Also time management may be a key. One may utilize travel time with cellphone to solve online MCQs, review screenshots, etc.. So, all in all, i think preparation should be individualized and tailor-made to our strengths n needs!


OPN: What are the books and other resources you used for entrance preparation?

Dr Sandeep:

BASIC SCIENCE: from FIRST AID and selected KAPLAN lecture series, PATHOMA, ( sketchy micro for fun and breaks :p), ACROSS for anatomy ( only past questions)

CLINICAL: Mostly MUDIT AIPGMEE ( although i had bought some subject-wise prep books, some of them turned out to be unfathomable! Thence i realized we should not read those books that we cant revise in last 20-odd days)


OPN: What advices would you like to give to future PG aspirants?

Dr Sandeep: Well, cracking PG entrance is an admixture of hard work and luck. Luck is surely not ours to control! so dedicated preparation is the only way out. Edge of being smart will fade in long run so amount of dedicated hours we spend in preparation is what matters in the end ( and revision notes of important pearls!) Some of the traps are:

- not spending enough time in our weak subjects

- getting easy questions wrong

- not practicing enough MCQs

- not revising regularly


OPN: What is adequate period of study and daily study hour?

Dr Sandeep: 5 to 8 quality hours in early phase and maxing out in last 2 months ( may be 10 - 12 hrs or beyond..)


OPN: 1 month before exam, what shall students focus on?

Dr Sandeep:  I relied mostly on my revision notes and MUDIT. I regret not being able to go through FA in the 11th hr .. coz it is a GEM..

OPN: OPN: How can aspirants parallel their PG preparation and job together?

Dr Sandeep: BY making most of expendable time.. Digital media, prep apps and MDMS Viber chat may play significant role in that regard.


OPN: How can an aspirant prepare smart to excel competitive exams? Any tips about reading habit, memorizing and practicing technique?

Dr Sandeep: Making notes, formulating unique mnemonics ( and jotting them down in one nice notebook! compiling the list of MOST COMMON and all that kind of stuffs)


OPN: You ranked always high in our regular Model Tests. How much helpful wan Online PG Nepal services to you?

Dr Sandeep: I started taking Online PG Nepal model exàms, after you started BPKIHS series and it was really helpful. It surely helped me to know where I stood and also to reflect upon my mistakes. It was realistic in nature and pretty predictive in outcome. HATS off to Online PG team for such an effort to help PG aspirants like us !!


OPN: Anything you would like to share more?

Dr Sandeep: I would like to see Online PG revolutionize PG prep'n platform by making e Qbank and test series, video explanation series of difficult topics, devising memory tools for high yield points and lastly a repository of relevant topics for Nepalese entrance exam ( .. like demographics, laws pertaining to Nepal, and public health related data) so that one could use it as a last resort in final hours of prep'n!


OPN: Thank you for your precious time. Congratulations once again.

Dr Sandeep: I was my pleasure... And honestly THANK YOU for all the effort you have put into !!