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Short interview of Dr Prashiddha Dhakal with Online PG Nepal

Dr Prashiddha Dhakal

PGI, Chandigarh

(Rank 1, PGI MD/MS Entrance-2018)


OPN: Congratulations for your big achievement.

Dr Prashiddha: Thank you for your complement. Getting a PG seat itself has become a achievement nowadays. Besides that, getting a dream branch in a reputed institute has added a glare in that achievement.


OPN: Who would you like to share your success with?

Dr Prashiddha: I believe that every individual is a sumtotal of his past experiences, his present status and his insight towards future. Keeping this in mind, family, relatives, friends, teachers, neighbors and in fact everyone a person has come across in his life leave some footprints in his life. Similar is in my case. This achievement belongs to all those people who had good wishes and prayers for me. And thanks to almighty god for his blessings.


OPN: How much dedicated time you paid for preparation? Was it a self study?

Dr Prashiddha: I took my preparation and work together.To be specific, I started my preparation during internship. Although I couldn’t complete many subjects during internship, it gave me some orientation towards the MCQs. I started working in a hospital right after the completion of my internship and was still working till few days before the PG entrance exam. I used to study during duty off days and even during duties if I got any free time. And yes, it was a self study.


OPN: What are the resources you used for entrance preparation? 

Dr Prashiddha: There is no single panacea for all 19 subjects. Books, videos, lecture notes, discussion, mock tests all are part of ones preparation. There is no shortcut to success; so one should have a brief look at different materials and choose one which suits him or her depending upon the target exam, ones baseline knowledge and time available. My resources were

Triple A MCQ book, ROAMS, Across, DAMS notes

Subject expert books: Devesh Mishra Pathology, Vivek Jain PSM, Apurv Mehera Pediatrics

For old questions: Manoj Chaudhary for PGI, Pritesh Singh for AIIMS

Besides these I read theory books for high yielding subjects coupled with their MCQs from Triple A


OPN: How much different is the PGI entrance than other competitive exams?

Dr Prashiddha: PGI is a unique type of exam. It expects you to answer 250 questions in 3 hrs which is a tough task. Each question has 5 options and more then 1 options are correct. Furthermore, there is high negative marking for wrong answers. It asks conceptual questions, so mugging up facts or just reading one liners maynt help to get a good rank in PGI. This makes PGI entrance different from other exams in Nepal and India.


OPN: What stategy you used to master the negative markings and multiple correct answers in the exam?

Dr Prashiddha: The funda in PGI entrance is that you shouldn’t do guess work. Just leave the question if you don’t know. This will save you from negative marking and will also give to time to attempt other questions.


OPN: What advices would you like to give to future PG aspirants?

Dr Prashiddha: Study smart. Give a brief look to different books and find one which suits you. Then stick to it and revise it multiple times. Don’t go after many books of same subjects. Make a small notebook and note down important points which you come across while reading books. Revise it multiple times. Revision is the key to excel in exams but before that you should go through the entire text atleast once


OPN: 1 month before exam, what shall students focus on?

Dr Prashiddha:

  1. Its high time for revision. Even if u haven’t touch 2/3 subjects don’t waste your time trying to read them. Instead revise what you have already learnt.

  2. Solve past questions and read their explanations



OPN: PG is getting very competitive and seats are very few, how can an aspirant deal in it?

Dr Prashiddha: The only way to deal is to have good preparation. First thing you should know is to find out  where do you stand among other PG aspirant. For that you can give a model test which is attained by a good number of people and know your rank. Then decide your pace and work on a better you. Try to uplift your rank in successive tests and change your study plans accordingly. It’s a game, you have to play smart. Afterall what matters is your rank, not your score.


OPN: Any particular advices you want to share to improve the existing UG-PG imbalance?

Dr Prashiddha: It has created a havoc among all MBBS graduates. There are many points for and against this issue. There are people who are answer this question better then me.


OPN: How much difficult and expensive is it to fill Registration forms for India and to visit for entrance?

Dr Prashiddha: Not so expensive if you have a group of 2/3. This will decrease your travel and lodging expenses. People who are travelling to India for the first time may face some minor difficulties but if you travel in a group, then its not a big deal. You can google almost anything you need to know before appearing for Indian exams.


OPN: How can aspirants parallel their study to Target for Nepalese and Indian entrance exams together?

Dr Prashiddha: If you are preparing for Indian exams, you need to have a good grip over theories which will benefit in Nepalese exams too. In AIIMS, they even ask image based questions like histology slides and pictures of surgical instruments. Similar questions can be asked as language based question in Nepal. So, preparing for Indian exams isn’t a different game, its same, just you need to add few things on top of your preparation for Nepal


OPN: Can you tell us in brief about the steps to fill form for PGI?

Dr Prashiddha: Its a long process. Its simplified version is:

  1. Get NOC from education ministry, ministry of foreign affairs

  2. Fill up the online form and make payment

  3. Get Xerox copies of your  academic certificates, NMC registration certificate, English translation of Nepali citizenship attested from Notary

  4. Submit attested copies to Indian embassy within the given timeframe

  5. Send a copy of all documents  to the institute via courier



OPN: How much useful was Online PG Nepal services to you?

Dr Prashiddha: It was very useful and I appeared many mock tests conducted by it. It gave a platform where we can evaluate ourselves in terms of our preparation & where do we stand among other PG aspirants.

Firstly, one should always try to appear mock tests which is given by a substantial number of people coz it gives better projection of our rank.

Secondly, the standard of questions asked in mock tests should also be similar to that asked pan-India and pan-Nepal exams. I think online MDMS Nepal (Online PG Nepal) exams meets both the criteria.



OPN: Anything you would like to share more?

Dr Prashiddha: There are many ups and downs in ones life. Don’t worry about the downs. Its never late to start preparation and if you have already started, try to finish the “must know”  things in time and revise the same multiple times. Don’t run after rare syndromes. Difficult questions are difficult for everyone, such questions will have little impact upon your score. But if you mark a simple question wrong, you are out of the game.  So, try to focus first on “Must know” stuffs, during revision time, you can add few “Better/Best to know” stuffs to your knowledge


OPN: Thank you for your precious time. Congratulations once again.

Dr Prashiddha: Thank you Online PG Nepal for giving me an opportunity to share my views. I wish all the PG aspirants a good luck.