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Short interview of Dr Prakash Dhakal with Online PG Nepal


Dr Prakash Dhakal

Rank 3

NAMS MD/MS Entrance-2019

MBBS: MCOMS, Pokhara

OPN: Congratulations doctor.
Dr Dhakal: 
Thank you.

OPN: How does it feel to have such esteemed Rank in such tough and competitive exams? How much hopeful were you for such Rank?
Dr Dhakal: 
First of all i would like to thank my family , friends , Online PG Nepal and specially to Bulingtar PHC team. I feel extremely happy, its because of my hard work and little bit of luck. It is difficult to predict the rank before exam, because even one question changes the merit .

OPN: Who would you like to share your credit of success with? Any role models in your life?
Dr Dhakal: 
I would like to share this success with my family , my dear friends and Bulingtar PHC team. IOM result made me study hard, which lead to success in this exam. 

OPN: Please share your brief story after internship completion till the PG success day.
Dr Dhakal: 
I did my MBBS from Manipal College of Medical Sciences, I worked at Prithvi Chndra hospital Nawalparasi for 1 year, after passing Loksewa, I am working at Bulingtar PHC. I started my PG preparation from the first day of my Karar duty.

OPN: How tough are entrance exams these days? How should an aspirant choose a smart way to excel?
Dr Dhakal:
It is difficult getting through PG exam day by day, more difficult to find the subject of choice. After BPKIHS results, I realized the importance of priority subject, so at lest make 2-3 priority subject. 


Choosing the book, and way of reading matters. Continuous, reading, little bit of freshness, sharing and talking to nearer friends and family gives positive vibes. It does not matter, how much hour you read, how much hour you sleep, more important is how qualitatively you read. I think its not a good idea just reading question and answers, MCQ books are the second priority, always give first priority to theory, even from a single topic question can ask in multiple ways. During solving MCQ one option is right (more appropriate than others) we have to think about other 3 options also, why they are there and read about those options also. USMLE Step 1 First aid, Mudit Khanna, ROAMS, Online PG Nepal mock tests will certainly help. Revise the topic as much as possible revise the topic 10 times 20 times, as much as possible. Another thing is never lose hope. Keep in mind, nothing is impossible, and I can do it. Failure is the initial step of success.

OPN: What are the books and other resources you used for entrance preparation?
Dr Dhakal: 
There is not a single book which is sufficient for Entrance exam. Which book to prefer depends upon our depth of knowledge. Basic is basic, we have to know it well, some aspirants have strong basic concept and knowledge some have little less. So choose book accordingly. We can prefer our MBBS text book also for the subject in which we are weak at. There is no such a rule which book to follow; main thing is not to miss easy and simple things. Helpful books for entrance exams are USMLE Step 1 First Aid, Mudit khanna , ROAMS, online PG Nepal's mock test, ACROSS for basic subjects.

OPN: What advices would you like to give to future PG aspirants?
Dr Dhakal:
Focus on your aim and your dream. One day you will make your dream come true. Do not get panic even after  failure, Failure is the fuel for upcoming success.
OPN: What is adequate period of study and daily study hour?
Dr Dhakal:
As I already mentioned, it depends on how qualitatively you read; just counting hours how much we sit in front of book does not matter. Continuity is the main thing; don't just count the hours of reading; just think at the end of day how much new thing you  learnt. So actual hours of reading is difficult to mention.

OPN: 1 month before exam, what shall students focus on?
Dr Dhakal:
This is the most critical period. Maintaining your health, mental status is also very important along with study. Do revise as much as possible; this time is mainly for revision and do MCQs as much as possible.

OPN: OPN: How can aspirants parallel their PG preparation and job together? How difficult is it being a government officer?
Dr Dhakal: 
Its difficult to study and work in parallel. Manage time in the morning time and at evening. if possible leave from work at least 1 month before exam helps much. Its too difficult for a government doctor because, along with medical duty we have to do many more like administrative works also.

OPN: How can an aspirant prepare smart to excel competitive exams? Any tips about reading habit, memorizing and practicing technique?
Dr Dhakal: Some topics are for memorizing, focus on that topics. Making mnemonics, making some story helps a lot. I prefer youtube scatchy videos for those which are difficult to memorize for me. it depends upon person to person.

OPN: You ranked always high in our regular Model Tests. How much helpful wan Online PG Nepal services to you?
Dr Dhakal: 
Thank you Online PG Nepal. You help me analyze my position, and regular exam helped me in which subject, which topic i am weak, and helped focus on that subject matter. The rank in Online PG Nepal gave me confidence for attempting MCQs, managing time .

OPN: Anything you would like to share more?
Dr Dhakal: 
I would like  to share one Nepali ukhan " हिड्ने  मान्छे लड्छ" . It means failure is nothing, its a rule of nature; so don't get panic even after failure. Life is all about ups and downs. Stay strong, one day you will get success.

OPN: Thank you for your precious time. Congratulations once again.
Dr Dhakal:  
Thank you Online PG Nepal for helping all PG aspirants and thanks for giving a platform to hare my views.