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Short interview of Dr Bishnu Gautam with Online PG Nepal

Dr Bishnu Gautam

Rank -5

Counselling eligible Rank-3

IOM MD/MS Entrance-2018

MBBS: UCMS, Bhairahawa

OPN: Congratulations.

Dr Bishnu: Thank you.


OPN: Please share your brief story after internship till the PG success day.

Dr Bishnu: After internship i worked in hospital and also took classes for HA program. But during those days i used to collect study materials, suggestions regarding selection of books and time frame for going through preparation. I prepared for about 1 year, really hard after joining Paradise institute on shrawn.


OPN: How much dedicated time you paid for preparation? Was it a self study?

Dr Bishnu: For 1 year, I only prepared for exam, 10 to 12 hours a day with breaks in between, sometimes. It was a self study but in better environment of Paradise Institute, with a lot of supports from all.


OPN: What are the resources you used for entrance preparation?

Dr Bishnu: I followed Mudit Khanna (1994-2016), Sharad Chandra, First aid, Roams, Complete Review of MDMS by Dr. Sujit Jha, Community Medicine by Dr. Lekhnath Baral, IOM past questions, Assisted by Weekly Model Tests at Online PG Nepal (Mdms Nepal) and of course Google.


OPN: How much competitive are PG entrance these days?

Dr Bishnu: Of course PG seats are less, de-motivates many brilliant minds.


OPN: IOM is dream destination to many people. What advices would you like to give to future PG aspirants?

Dr Bishnu: PG aspirants should memorize all those contents especially designed for MCQs in calculated time table. Revision is important, and giving weekly model tests lets you to focus and revise at your weak topics. I suggest for targeted study like for IOM, i read past questions and put extra effort for community medicine. Seniors helped me for such selective study.


OPN: 1 month before exam, what shall students focus on?

Dr Bishnu: I think revision is crucial in last one month.


OPN: How can aspirants parallel their PG preparation and job together?

Dr Bishnu: As the competition is really hard these days, more dedication and time for preparation would be better choice.


OPN: How much helpful wan Online PG Nepal (Mdms Nepal) services to you?

Dr Bishnu: Extremely helpful to realize healthy competition and for focused review of high yield topics through Model tests.


OPN: Anything you would like to share more?

Dr Bishnu: PG preparation is really difficult challenge but not impossible. Do not lose hope, optimistic mind and consistent, dedicated study will help.


OPN: Thank you for your precious time. Congratulations once again.

Dr Bishnu: Thank you to grant me opportunity to share few words.