Laptop Work

Wednesday: CEE MD/MS Based

Saturday: CEE MD/MS Based

Full marks: 200

Time: 3 hrs (2 hrs for 100 marks)

No negative markings

CEE MD/MS Based Online Model Test

07:00 PM, Kartik 6 (Saturday noon)

CEE MD/MS Based Online Model Test

(Link will work only after 11:00 AM)

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Instructions before starting exam:

  • You need to have Registered and Verified Email address and Roll number to start exam.

  • Roll number should be unique and different for every exam.

  • Unauthorized/Unregistered access to Exam will block the Email address temporarily.

  • Exam should be finished within the deadline of time, otherwise answers will not be recorded and results will not be published.

  • Always reach the last page of Exam and Hit "Submit" button. Response/Answer will not be recorded and Results will not be published if "Submit" button is not clicked.

  • Result will be published within 1-2 hrs after completion of exam and Answers/Explanations will be sent within half hour after completion of exam in PDF file.

  • Questions/Answers/Explanations will be sent to you if you have registered for exam but could not appear.