BPKIHS Model Test Payment details

BPKIHS payment is available in Esewa website, but not in Esewa App.

You can follow these steps to pay for BPKIHS model test with Esewa. For other payment methods except Esewa, method is same.


Exam fees (for BPKIHS, 200 marks model test): 

  • Rs 350 for 1 exam

  • NRs 1000 for 3 exams

  • NRs 1500 for 5 exams

Other payment methods are same as previous. This is for Esewa help.

Paying for Multiple exams through Esewa:

  • Pay like IOM and KU

  • To pay NRs 1000, pay for 5 IOM Model Tests

  • To Pay NRs 1500, pay for 5 IOM Model Tests and pay NRs 500 again by selecting 2 IOM Model test.

  • Register in our website using that code, Mention all codes separated by comma in Payment ID section.

How to pay for BPKIHS exam through Esewa: Method 1

  • Go to Esewa App

  • Close the internet/wifi

  • Esewa Offline App/SMS will be seen

  • Go to Other payments options

  • Now click on the Fonepay option and enter the Merchant details.


Merchant code: ONLINEPGNEPAL (All letters of Merchant code MUST be in Capital letters)

Payment code: Enter your Email address here

Amount: 350 or 1000/2000 as per your requirement.

How to pay for 1 exam through Esewa: Method 2

(you can Add extra payment like NRs 100 with this method)

  • Go to Esewa App

  • Scan the QR code given below with QR code scanner

  • Enter your email address in Remarks section.

  • No SMS is received after payment

  • You have to go to the Statement section of the Esewa and see the Payment/Transaction code mentioned in the PDF file.

  • You register using the details in our website after payment.

If you are having difficulty making payment, Email ( or Viber (9801114177) us.

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